Gamedev studio
Finished design
No need to spend budget and time to create a new game design.
Short time
Development time is much lower than a unique game
Small market share
Growth will be slower than with a unique development.
Platforms for games
A platform with a large selection of tools: a graphical editor, fast debugging, support for any platform and title creation.
AppGameKit. There are many ready-made solutions for rapid development, built-in monetization technologies and a fast compiler.
Development stages
We program, typeset, test – go through all
the circles of the iterative model. We bring
the quality of the project to the required level.

Project release is the beginning. It's time
to closely monitor metrics, quickly make
changes, test hypotheses and develop

Development of the visual style of the
project, mascots, illustrations, concept art,
3D assets, as well as UI / UX design.
Why is application development in our studio reliable?
We fix the cost
The rates of our specialists will not change during the work on the project
We guarantee audience access to the product
Your application will be available for installation, it can be found and downloaded - we will provide it

We work with different technologies
We have alternative options for the implementation of the system functions, this reduces the risk of stopping the project if the supplier of any solution leaves the Russian market. And we can also set up payments in the application
HR director
ux / ui Design
Kate Wilson
Jonh Katcher
Elizabeth Melly
Our team
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Go through all stages of development
Realize creative ideas
Create mobile games with rich gameplay and visual style with Unity Pro.
Maximize performance on mobile devices
find out the cost and terms of development of your project

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